Garage Door CablesYour garage door could work one of two ways. Either manually meaning you use your hands to open the garage. Or with a garage door opener which can open your garage with the press of a button. But have you ever wondered about the complexity of how the springs and garage door cables work together? Making the job of opening the garage door easy.

The garage door cables on a garage are indispensable when it comes to making the door work properly. Brackets hold them in place near the bottom of the garage door. Furthermore the garage door springs and cables work together to raise and lower the garage door.

Garage door cables will snap eventually though. The situation is also an eventuality. The garage door cables while dependable are not impervious to the laws of nature. The metal will break over time. When this happens the garage door will not function properly until a professional has changed them for you.

Garage Door Cables’ Malfunction Contributing Factors

There are factors that contribute to a broken garage door cable. Here are a few:

  1. The age of the cables (the older the cable the higher the possibility of corrosion).
  2. Little or no maintenance (cleaning the tracks and lubrication of moving parts).
  3. Irregular track (the track might bang when rollers move upon it).
  4. Hard contact with an object (moving cars).
  5. Wrong springs or cable combination for the weight of the garage door.
  6. Springs snapping can cause the cables to break as well.

When faced with any of these issues be sure to give us a call. It is not safe to work on a garage door if you don’t fully understand all the moving parts. As a result you could find yourself injured. In contrast our technicians are prepared to deal with any and all garage door related issues. You can find more information about us here.